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Quality Assurance Testing

Test Automation, another critical area for developers and QA


Successful test automation efforts require cooperation from both developers and QA. A common mistake is to hand all of the test automation efforts over to the QA team instead of making it a joint effort.

Maintainable and cost effective test automation efforts require the creation of a test automation framework. This framework has to be developed, just like any other piece of software. But, most of the time actual automated tests are created and maintained by QA analysts. Coordination is required between development and QA team members to design and create an automation framework that will support the creation of automated tests by non-developers.

Some of the most successes come when test automation strategies involve developers creating and maintaining the test automation framework, while QA analysts develop and maintain the bulk of the automated tests.

Test automation is one of the main areas where working together between devs and QA becomes key, DOWNLOAD the white paper and learn strategies to achieve this challenge