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Quality Assurance Teams

Creating an Agile and Unified Team


In order to develop Agile environments, both QA teams and developers must learn to work as a single team with the purpose of shipping quality software. This requires coordination and communication between them.

While QA and development teams continue to hold an antagonistic view, it is impossible to have worthwhile communication. For example, when a new feature is going to be worked on in an iteration, the development team needs to meet with the QA team together to talk about exactly how the feature is going to be broken up and what exactly is going to be tested, otherwise high quality could be sacrificed.

Active actions must be taken to break down barriers and join the teams together. Group activities and team building exercises that incorporate the whole team together can be helpful, but the most success is often achieved by mixing up roles to some degree. It is helpful for QA members to learn a little bit of development and even pair program with developers. And, it can be equally helpful for developers to participate in some QA activities like helping to run or create tests.

To learn more about the steps you can take to get both of these teams working together CLICK ON the image