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Quality Assurance Software

Quality assurance software testing


Software testing has become increasingly more complicated with the rise of mobile and cloud. For those pursuing agile testing methods, for example, teams have had to make significant changes to meet evolving demands while managing their resources effectively. Within the agile approach, teams are likely seeing more application versions than ever before, potentially strewn across a number of tools. This type of disjointed approach can lead to problems later down the line and make collaboration more challenging. For this reason, many teams have looked to consolidate their testing processes.

A good test management platform streamlines the quality assurance process and provides quick access to data analysis, improves collaboration and enables communication across multiple, globally distributed teams. In addition to standardizing automated and manual test processes, this technology also allows teams to define, organize and reuse complex test scenarios and testcases, track milestones and view quality dashboards and metrics, making them available to all stakeholders.

Download this Test Management Buyer's Guide to help evaulate the right quality assurance software.