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Quality Assurance Platform

Your Quality Assurance Platform Needs to Support Agile


One of the biggest challenges businesses face when it comes to agile methodologies is fostering collaboration among their disparate, siloed teams. It’s not just a problem for enterprise organisations anymore - think of the remote working opportunities available today. Even small teams can be split across different timezones and locations around the world.

Your development team and testers might sit next to each other - they might be on different continents. Either way, if they’re not working together, you’re likely to run into trouble. Your software testing and quality assurance tools need to support these collaborative efforts so you can release higher quality software as fast as possible.

Download the whitepaper and read how Zephyr Enterprise Edition can help bolster your agile processes!

Other ways Zephyr Enterprise Edition can help include:

  • Building a shared mental model
  • Rapid response to market change
  • Building quality in