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Quality Assurance Metrics

Agile teams rely on Metrics and Dashboards to show progress and priorities


Having developers measured on how many bugs they create or fix and QA measured on how many they find, puts both parties at odds with each other and breaks down effective communication. For many organizations, communication is the single most difficult barrier to overcome. In a majority of development shops, QA teams are not used to communicating with development teams with the frequency that is required to be successful in an Agile environment.

There is no time for indirect methods of communication like complex bug tracking systems and long emails. The development and QA teams need to learn to communicate most things immediately instead. Co-location can help make this communication easier, but when that isn’t possible, instant messaging systems can be another fast way to communicate. The key is to drop many of the formalized—and slow—communication systems QA and development teams are used to using in favor of fast, immediate communication.

So in order to make this communication easier between both teams a company can adopt a central location for Metrics and Dashboards enabling everyone to follow the priorities and the progress of work being completed at any moment of time. This way it becomes easier to: have a Unified Goal and track work in progress.

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