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Qa Process Standardization

Standardizing the QA Process Through UAT


Traditionally, user acceptance test (UAT) programs have been areas of contention between business requirements and IT. Business teams must verify that these systems match requirements, while IT teams ready critical systems through development and testing. The division of responsibilities might seem clear cut, but the realities are far different. So standardizing this process into the following five phase makes sense:

  • Planning
  • Coverage
  • Execution and Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Reuse

Using a test management platform like Zephyr Enterprise Edition also makes sense. Zephyr's Test Repository and Scheduling applications makes it easy to identify areas to test and assign those tests in UAT cycles. Zephyr's Requirements Management application allows testers to directly map UAT testcases to requirements. Use the Test Case Execution application in Zephyr to easily run UAT execution. Reporting is a breeze because the Zephyr system monitors all test activity in real-time. And once UAT is completed, all information can be modified and reused for the next UAT cycle.

Learn more about standardizing your QA process using UAT and Zephyr. Download the FREE whitepaper The Science of Running Effect User Acceptance Testing Cycles. To do so, just click on the image at the right.