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Open Source Test Management Tool

Don't Put Your Eggs in the Open Source Basket


In today's industry, trying to make compromises regarding software quality can prove to be costly. While budgets may be shrinking and your teams are being asked to do more with less, you can't afford to make concessions when putting together your project teams' toolkits. Open source test management tools certainly have their appeal, but their shortcomings will ultimately leave you scrambling to get your products to market in a timely manner when you encounter obstacles with the tool.

The lack of functionality or any support are common deterrents from open source platforms. If you discover a bug in the tool, does the vendor even offer support? How long will it take until a patch is released to resolve the issue? With such limited capabilities, does the system even integrate with other tools you are already using for defect tracking, test automation, DevOps, CI, etc?

Don't just settle for open source tools - the decision to implement a test management system needs to be seen as an investment, especially when software quality is something you can't put in jeopardy.

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