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Online Test Management System

Picking Your Desired Testing Tool


Some companies think they can get by with managing their testing efforts in spreadsheets or Excel, but trying to save costs by not implementing a test management tool can backfire in dramatic ways. With the emphasis on speed and the increased complexity of modern software application's, enterprises are doing themselves a huge disservice by expecting their QA teams to adequately perform their duties without a tool to support their processes.

The decisions to purchase and implement a high quality test management system is a strategic investment for any company, but ROI will quickly be realized when you see how much more efficiently your teams can work while still maintaining high levels of quality. And if you're trying to standardize on a particular methodology or are looking to implement additional processes, then Zephyr Enterprise Edition is perfect for you. Zephyr can be used to operate in both Agile or Waterfall fashions and is highly configurable, making it easy to integrate CI or DevOps tools as your teams continue to mature.

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