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Online Test Management

What to Look For in Your QA Tool


The responsibilities and pressures placed on QA teams has been increasing rapidly over the last few years. Teams are expected to do more as budgets and resources shrink, and they are expected to do it faster than ever before due to the emphasis on time-to-market in today's software industry. Some teams are trying to get by with managing all of their testing assets in Excel or homegrown tools...

The capabilities of a proprietary test management tool provide an obvious ROI when you realize how much more streamlined and efficient your testing processes become. A tool like Zephyr Enterprise Edition is a perfect example because its highly configurable deployment options allow the platform to grow with you as you add new members to your team and begin to include new processes, such as CI and DevOps. And Zephyr's real-time updates ensure that all members of your project teams - both developers and testers - are instantly updated, allowing rapid iterations and responses to changes in the market.

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