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Mobile Phone Application Testing

Testing For Your Mobile App


Welcome to the age of the Internet of Things (IoT)! Perhaps one of best examples illustrating this buzzword is the mobile phone. For something to be an IoT, it has be a device that can wirelessly connect to the internet with embedded electronics, capable of communicating with a person as well as another machine, while being uniquely identifable. A modern mobile phone perfectly illustrates this. Clearly software will need to drive how the an IoT device operates. With this comes a whole new thinking of how testing will be conducted because a lot of scenarios will be difficult to simulate or envision that adequately addresses real-world issues. In this white paper you will learn more about:

  • Smart devices and their unique testing requirements
  • How IoT will impact testing 
  • Future changes in testing 
  • What will remain
  • What this all means for the tester

Download your free copy of this whitepaper to learn more about how IoT will influence your future testing requirements!