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Mobile Application Test Cases

What is the Difference between Mobile and Web Test Cases?


Testing mobile applications is different than testing web applications. First of all, mobile applications are built to run natively on iOS, Android, and to a lesser degree Windows and Blackberry operating systems. So your QA organization needs to have a complete range of mobile devices, and to use those devices often. Also you may be less focused on testing particular features and more focused on testing for reliability.

Your test cases need to change to successfully test mobile apps.You should have a test case for each mobile device that your application runs on. And your test cases should address:

  • Changing network conditions.
  • Device differences.
  • Security.

In addition, you need to make sure that your test management solution, like Zephyr Enterprise Edition, supports mobile testing and the creation and communication of mobile test plans. Click on the image on the right to download the FREE report How the World Tests. You'll learn more about the current trends of mobile testing in the QA industry.