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Metrics For Software Development

Define Quality with Metrics


When releasing a product you need to put in a huge amount of thought in terms of just how good your product is. What does "quality" mean for you? And is that definition going to be the same with everyone on your team? Take out the guess work when trying to figure this out. In our whitepaper, we tackle this very issue and provide quantitative solutions that allow you define quality in a whole new way at every level of your organization. Learn about metrics at the level of your project, department, and your company as a whole. Here is a brief overview of metrics that will be discussed:

  • Requirements and requirement coverage
  • Defect distribution
  • Defect open and close rates
  • Execution trends
  • Mean time to detect and mean time to repair
  • Defect removal efficiency
  • Testing trends
  • Defect trends
  • Progress charts
  • Issues reported by customers
  • Defect severity
  • System outages
  • Effort expended in problem repair 

Read all about quality metrics for these and more. In doing so, your definition of quality will be taken to a more defined level that will be understood by everyone. Download your free copy of this whitepaper now!