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Manual Testing Process

Your Manual Testing Process and Zephyr


The manual testing process requires a tester to play the role of an end-user and use most of the features of the application to ensure correct behavior. A rigorous methodology is used to maximize the number of defects found. Testers usually follow a written test plan that leads them through a set of important test cases.

Your manual testing process is supported by Zephyr Enterprise Edition, a Test Management Platform. With Zephyr, you can collaborate and communicate your test plans, track and push testing information to metrics and dashboards, and provide central storage for all your manual testing assets such as:

  • Requirements
  • Test cases
  • Execution results
  • Requirement traceability

Download the FREE Test Management Solution Buyer's Guide for details on the features every Test Management Platform needs to provide to support your manual testing process. Just click on the image to the right.