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Jira Zephyr

Understand how Zephyr and JIRA Integrate Together


You want to create defects from within your testing software and see those defects immediately in JIRA. You want, within JIRA, the submitted defects to display the testcase ID, the test case title, and the test steps. You also want test step level states and notes in JIRA to provide the development team with critical data so that they best investigate the issue.

Zephyr Enterprise Edition, integrated with JIRA, provides all these features and more. As defects are fixed, their status appears in Zephyr and the associated defect record is updated in JIRA. And end-to-end traceability reports provide real-time information from both system.

Sounds just like what you need, right? So click on the image to the right to down FREE information on how Zephry and JIRA integrate together to give you a complete test management solution within JIRA.