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JIRA Tool Test Management

Zephyr for JIRA - Tool for Test Management


Zephyr for JIRA is a test management add-on that is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.  The add-on integrates testing into the project cycle.  Does your team value shipping high quality software on time? Does your team struggle with cross functional communication? Does your team have the need for centralized visibility? If so, then Zephyr for JIRA would be a useful tool for your team to implement.

The add-on makes any changes made immediately visible to all team members across the globe.  When teams are aware of all progress and updates made to the testing process then they are able to have a more seamless completion of the project. Similarly, with the centralization of information, different teams who work together can have a more collaborative relationship.  The combination of better visibility and better working relationships between teams plays a huge factor in the success of software releases.

To see an immediate impact on your testing process, download the Zephyr for JIRA free 30-day trial TODAY!  To learn more about the number one selling JIRA tool used for test management click the image to the right.