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JIRA Tool For Testing

Project Teams Using JIRA Tool for Testing 


Does your team struggle with project visibility? Is there a lack of communication and understanding between the different teams involved in the project cycle? Are your software deliveries often late or lacking in the quality department? If so, Zephyr for JIRA can help address these issues.  Zephyr for JIRA is a test management add-on that integrates testing into the project cycle.  The add-on has been seamlessly integrated into JIRA, so JIRA users will not have to learn a new interface or entirely new tool.

Using a JIRA tool for testing provides better visibility for all members involved in the testing process.  Users will always be kept up to date on project progress, and in turn they will be able to make more well-informed go/no-go decisions.  In addition to better visibility, Zephyr for JIRA helps to develop the relationship between development teams and quality teams.  The add-on fosters a collaborative environment. The combination of better visibility and more cross functional communication results in better quality software that is released on-time.

By clicking on the image to the right, you can learn more about Zephyr for JIRA.  There is a 30-day free trial that is available for download on the Atlassian Marketplace.