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Jira Time Tracking

JIRA Time Tracking


JIRA's time tracking feature enables users to record the time they spend working on issues. For many QA organizations, managing the time spent on testing is a critical business metric. 

Zephyr Enterprise Edition is a time tracking add-on for JIRA. Zephyr provides the following benefits:

  • Users can easily record time spent on issues and tasks without interrupting their work in JIRA.
  • Take these reports and easily generate timesheets or invoices.
  • Visualize how your team spends time, identify bottlenecks, and reassign work in JIRA.
  • Stop wasting time figuring out legacy time tracking software and get time-based reports in your JIRA dashboard.

For more information on Zephyr's time tracking features for JIRA, just click on the image to the right.