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Jira Testing Reports

Zephyr for JIRA provides you with the best JIRA Testing reports integrated within JIRA


With Zephyr for JIRA, you have access to Individual configurable metrics and testing reports to analyze the entire test process and many report variations to track and share the progress of testing.

The Test Summary view provides organized information about the test repository which can be broken down by Versions, Components, and Labels.

The planned Test cycles page and the ad hoc cycle provide a progress bar on real-time test execution and breaks it down by various test executions statuses.

A series of interactive quality metrics which can be accessed through the main “Tests” menu along with the ability to use different metrics to track quality and create configurable gadgets to display the data needed. Zephyr for JIRA provides tremendous insight into software quality using easily customizable test reports and dashboards with both testing and JIRA data side-by-side. The instant reports provide a complete view of project and release progress to the entire project team.

A "Traceability" report to track testing progress during every stage of a software release cycle allows for two-way end-to-end traceability report to be generated. Traceability from requirements to tests to executions to defects and vice-versa is tracked.

Stop manually having to update teams either at the end of the day or write separate reports that is documenting the progress that they have made during the last 24 hours, and then emailing out. Writing these reports separately or they’re consolidating this information manually is taking away time from the QA teams that they could have otherwise been focused on simply executing more test cases. Get the best Testing reports that help your entire project team –Try Zephyr for JIRA today!