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JIRA Test Cases

Creating Test Cases in JIRA


It's never been easier to create a test case right inside of JIRA, with Zephyr for JIRA, testing can be integrated into the project cycle.  Creating tests in Zephyr for JIRA is simple, intuitive, and can be done almost anywhere. 

Users can create test cases and make changes to them right inside of JIRA.  In Zephyr for JIRA, tests are really a JIRA "issue", so they are the issue-type "test".  Just as users would in any other issue, they can clone, export, print, bulk, modify, link, label, share, vote or comment on the tests.  The tests are written for a JIRA project, and they can be organized and grouped by test versions, components, or labels that have been set up. There is also a test summary tab that shows project grouping. Users can search for these tests using the “issue navigator” and they can make bulk changes to the tests.

To try making a test case in JIRA yourself, click the image to the right to download a free 30-day trial of Zephyr for JIRA.   Zephyr for JIRA is the number one selling test management add-on, and it is available through the Atlassian Marketplace.