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Jira Qa Test

Using JIRA for QA Test Management Needs


Did you know that you can use JIRA for your QA test management needs?  With Zephyr for JIRA, you can bring testing into the project cycle.  When testing is involved in the project cycle, all teams have better overall project visibility. Now, users can create, execute, and track test issues just as they would any other JIRA issue, but with Zephyr for JIRA they have access to a new comprehensive set of test functions for all different types of software projects.  Users can also access multiple configurable metrics in Zephyr for JIRA, so they access deep insights about the quality of their software.  Another main feature of Zephyr for JIRA is having the ability to search through past tests, and act upon them with the dedicated execution navigator. 

To learn more about Zephyr for JIRA, try it for youself! Zephyr offers a free 30-day trial of both Zepyr for JIRA Server and Zephyr for JIRA Cloud.  Both the Server and Cloud version are Atlassian Verified. Click the image to the right to go check out Zephyr for JIRA on the Atlassian Marketplace.