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Iot Security Testing Protocols

The.Internet of Things - Risks Presented by Security


While securing the Internet of Things has several differences from securing traditional IT applications, many of the existing security protocols are applicable. There will remain a need to use identifiers for devices to establish basic access between devices and/or applications. Requirements to know when IoT devices join and leave a network as well as the ability to service those devices with new software or firmware updates is a must.

Network segmentation and isolation will be a significant focus for future security efforts. According to Gartner, discovery of devices, provisioning new and existing devices, authentication services for those devices and protecting device data to and from them will account for at least 50% of the security spend in organizations.

Watch this recorded webinar: The.Internet of Things - Risks Presented by Security to learn how IT is approaching these areas of security vulnerabilities.

  • Network/Transport layer
  • Interfaces
  • Infrastructure
  • Devices