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Iot Security Testing Impact

IoT Brings New Security Challenges for Testers


The Internet of Things is the most recent in the long line of technological advancements that have given quality assurance professionals headaches. From mobile to cloud computing, it seems like every step forward in the digital age brings fresh challenges for software testers to cope with. The Internet of Things is no different in this regard, and QA teams everywhere should be preparing themselves to address this burgeoning concept and have a test management strategy in place to ensure software quality in this new era.

Gartner predicts that there will be more than 13 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2020 and security has always been a primary concern for developers and testers alike. Are you aware of the new challenges that the Internet of Things brings with it?

Download the webinar to learn about new vulnerabilities that will exist at each level for objects connected to IoT, including:

  • Device
  • Infrastructure
  • Network
  • Interface