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Internet Of Things Testing Impact

How will IoT Impact Software Testing?


A 2015 Business Insider Intelligence report estimated that by 2019, that Internet of Things could be larger than the combined size of the smartphone, tablet, PC, wearable and connected car markets. Enterprises are expected to be the most eager adopters of IoT initiatives, outpacing both governments and consumers, en route to integrating more than 23 billion devices into verticals such as manufacturing and retail within the next four years thereby increasing the scope of testing IoT devices.

With the Internet of Things, developers and software testers face fresh challenges that will stretch their skills and require top-notch quality assurance software. In a way, the coming years will be a replay of what happened after mobile devices took off in the late 2000s. Back then, test engineers had to account for factors such as battery level, available bandwidth and current network coverage that had been less pressing with traditional desktops and laptops.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • IOT device characteristics
  • IOT and its impact on testing
  • What aspects of testing will change
  • What aspects of testing will remain the same
  • What it means for testers