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How To Write QA Test Cases

Writing and Organizing Your Test Cases


Creating high-quality testcases and effectively organizing them is essential to maximizing quality assurance operations. The first step in the process is to write testcases that will reliably identify a bug or defect in the reviewed code. An effective testcase can be used repeatedly, during the course of the development cycle, reducing the amount of time, manpower and resources needed to write new scripts to identify bugs - thereby giving more time to do more testing.

A well-written test case should help address 3 basic concerns:

  • Transparency - execution instructions should be clear and outlined
  • Customer considerations - software needs to be created with the end user in mind, be aware of how your customers will use the end product
  • Reducing redundancies - deadlines are tight and budgets are small, no need to waste time and resources on overlapping test cases

Effective testcase organization is also a fundamental component of the software creation process, and having the right tools in place is crucial. Download the FREE whitepaper and see why Zephyr Enterprise Edition is the leading agile test management tool available!