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Future Of Software Testing

The Internet of Things and Testing


What lies ahead in software testing? The future of software testing is hard to predict. At the very least, we do know one thing that will continue to be very important: the Internet of Things (IoT). With smart devices becoming more entrenched into our everyday lives and with demands for even smarter devices, testing will become that much more complex. In short, the answer to the question is that we'll need to predict that there will be a lot of unpredictable situations. To prepare for that, we have written an interesting guide that provides details on:

  • How IoT impacts testing 
  • How software testing will need to incorporate the physical aspects of any smart device
  • How software testing will need to include appropriate testers
  • How software testing will need to be tested in real world conditions
  • How testing, in general, will change
  • How testing will remain the same

Read more about these points in detail in the free whitepaper today and be better prepared for the future of testing!