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Execute Automated Test case

Optimizing Agile Using Automated Test Cases


As in the case of many larger organizations, being able to truly harness the benefits of agile is especially challenging. But whether your organization is large or small, an automated system to handle test cases will be your key to ensuring a delivery pipeline in line with an agile development.In this whitepaper, we’ll cover how you can get started towards automating your process where you’ll learn more in depth about the importance, benefits, and pitfalls to avoid for automating:

  • Delivery pipelines
  • Quality checks
  • Archives of pipelines

These processes and more will be discussed in the context of ensuring progress towards establishing a continuous delivery of your software products in your organization. Read this FREE whitepaper, A Step by Step Guide to Scaling Agile Across Project Teams and Departments, and get on your way towards optimizing agile with automation!