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Download Atlassian Jira

Download Atlassian JIRA


You download Atlassian JIRA when business, compliance, or security requirements dictate that you must run your software testing using internal resources and servers. While the cloud is a powerful for running JIRA and other testing software some industries and governments may not allow their testing data to go into the cloud.

Once you download Atlassian JIRA and install it on-premise you can still enjoy the same powerful features as you would in the cloud including using add-ons to turn JIRA into a more Agile testing platform. Zephyr for JIRA Server brings the following Agile testing tools to JIRA:

  • Execution Navigator with search filters
  • Project-focused navigation
  • Integration with Agile test boards and tools

Click Learn More over on the right sidebar to learn how Zephyr for JIRA Server can bring Agile testing to JIRA.