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Devops Solutions

Test Management for DevOps


Software release schedules have significantly accelerated in recent years, applying a great deal of pressure on development and operations teams. Despite the urgency with which new updates and releases must be rolled out, testing processes cannot simply be cut to meet deadlines. Rushing to release a buggy product will incite users far more than a sluggish release schedule. Today’s software development landscape demands that businesses balance speed with quality, pressing teams to release faster and at a higher level of performance. Rising software production demands have driven the need for DevOps and test management.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how DevOps teams are approaching these inefficiencies:

  • Different ways of thinking by Dev and Ops team
  • Uneven staging and Prod test environments
  • Uneven thrust given to testing
  • Absence of Ops team involvement right from the beginning of the development cycle