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DevOps Continuous Testing

How to get started with Continuous Testing


DevOps is a change in process which begins with the formation of a strong multi-discipline leadership team, which must include budget level sponsors, and technical leadership teams. The sponsors need to have budget level authority because doing DevOps right requires investment to start and ongoing investment to operate and improve it. The technical leadership team needs to have architects that have an expert level understanding of DevOps practices and experience with successful DevOps implementations that include continuous integration, testing, delivery and process monitoring practices and tools. Easier said, than done.

Watch this webinar to learn common gaps when trying to roll out DevOps:

  • Workflows between CI, CT, CD and CM not integrated
  • Continuous feedback
  • Lack of integrated analytics
  • Co-operating practices between Dev, QA and Release teams
  • Do-it-yourself solutions without proven expertise