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Devops Continuous Delivery

DevOps: A Continuous Delivery Methodology


The introduction of agile has driven innovation in the development and testing of software. Both Continuous Delivery and DevOps are two methodologies that have come out of agile. DevOps is the practice of ensuring that an organization's development and physical environments and processes are tuned to deliver new builds into production as rapidly as possible. DevOps requires the tight integration of QA and IT.

Successfully implementing DevOps in your organization puts you one step closer to Continuous Delivery. Continuous Delivery is the notion that as soon as a feature has been competed (including testing), it is automatically rolled into production. 

For more information on DevOps challenges and transiting to Continuous Delivery view the Free webinar DevOps: The Missing Pieces. You'll also learn about the tools and workflow gaps in agile organizations and how Zephyr Enterprise Edition closes those gaps.