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Devops Center Of Excellence

Anticipate Errors by Placing High Standards Upon Usability


With Zephyr, loss of security protocol or inaccurate data reporting are prevented from ever happening. DevOps promotes testing to ensure not only that components are working, but that they capture activity and allow users to feel comfortable within QA controls that encourage ease of information access.

  • Use planning checklists to clearly define QA objectives.
  • Adhere to testing requirements, as set after meeting objectives.
  • Once the requirements are in place, execution and tracking of QA activity is effortlessly reported for continued improvement. 

User Acceptance Testing must adhere to planning practices that define and challenge project time constraints by using a methodical approach to prioritize analysis operations in terms of QA tasks delegation. The system is already designed to anticipate errors in any way possible, placing high standards upon usability with a priority of needs-based functionality. Download our FREE whitepaper on The Science of Running Effective User Acceptance Testing Cycles, to learn how you can achieve faster and more effective QA results with Zephyr.