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Devops Agile Operations And Continuous Delivery

Are you releasing poor quality software, faster?


The benefits of continuous delivery include the ability to quickly and seamlessly update software on an as-needed basis. This allows developers to respond swiftly to concerns or demands raised by trial users. In this sense, end-user feedback can essentially be built into the product. Continuous delivery hereby fosters an open-ended dialogue between users and developers that helps teams anticipate the needs of customers in the moment. In theory, the end result is a polished and updatable product that more directly caters to customer needs; that is, assuming a strong test management strategy was employed.

Before tackling testing, project teams must clearly define the continuous delivery process and deploy tools that support their ability to immediately update software as development progresses in such a way that it is market ready after every change is made.

Watch this webinar to see how Continuous Testing bridges the gap between Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.