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Creating Test Cases From Requirements

Using Behavior-Driven Development In Testing


Creating test cases from requirements can leave many organizations feeling lost and overwhelmed. If you are wondering where to start and even where to stop, you're not alone. Your task can quickly spiral out of control when trying to create test cases from requirements that seem endless.  But there could be a solution for you: Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). This allows you to identify the most important aspects of your software and to create the most relevant test cases by writing much more clearly defined requirements. With clear requirements come clear test cases. See how this is done in our whitepaper where you'll learn about: 

  • Principles of BDD and how it works
  • How BDD integrates into Agile
  • How QA can design test cases using BDD
  • How to implement BDD into your organization

Read all of this in our whitepaper.  Find out just how simple it will be to see improvements by downloading this today!