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Continuous Release Management

Continuous Release Management


Software professionals, especially if they are a startup, are under immense pressure to release software early. Continuous release management process can be difficult to do since to be quick without being sloppy is the single biggest challenge that most businesses face today. However, if only, companies realize the importance of deploying a test management platform, most of the challenges can be mitigated. Since, a quality, real-time test management system encourages thoroughness and collaboration, which is why many software development teams world wide are using latest state-of-the-art testing platforms since it helps them release software early and decreases the concept to cash time. Download this Buyer's Guide which explains a five step approach to follow while buying an ideal testing system for your quality assurance teams. Topics covered include:

  • Why need a test management system
  • Know what to look for in a vendor
  • Finalize your buying decision

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