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Continuous Release

Deploying the best QA tool for continuous releases


One of the biggest challenges that companies face world wide is releasing software early. Although many businesses have adapted to the continuous release cycles; defect-heavy releases continue to give headaches to majority project managers. To help make sure that everything is in order before the release, it is imperative that software testers are facilitated with the best testing platform in order to carry out their QA processes. How does one go about deciding which testing tool to buy? Download this Buyer's Guide which is specially designed to help you identify your enterprise's testing needs, goals and challenges before buying a test case management step.This guide also mentions four crucial areas such as cost considerations, product requirements, IT requirements and vendor reliability. Topics covered include:

  • Situation 1: Are you just getting started with test management
  • Situation 2: Do you have a homegrown or an underperforming test management
  • Situation 3: Do you have a legacy ALM Suite

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