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Common problems in jira

Best Test Management Tool to Solve Common Problems in JIRA


Zephyr for JIRA was one of the first test management tools developed for JIRA, and it is the number one selling test management tool add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace.  The test management tool addresses and solves many of the problems that teams involved in the testing process commonly face. In the modern workplace, different teams within an organization are located all over the globe, which can make overall project transparency a challenge.  Zephyr for JIRA eliminates this potential hurdle by centralizing visibility.  In addition to creating a better overall centralized visibility, Zephyr for JIRA’s test management tool eliminates the learning curve associated with add-ons or standalone products that are not integrated directly into JIRA.  ManyJIRA users waste time on entering and running tests from scratch that have already been executed in the past.  Another common problem in JIRA that Zephyr for JIRA’s test management tool addresses is allowing users to have the ability to search for test cases that have already been run in the past, so they can avoid making unnecessary duplicate tests.  

If the testing problems mentioned above are a pain point for your organization, Zephyr for JIRA can help.  Make sure to try our free 30-day Zephyr for JIRA trial that is available for use with the JIRA server or the JIRA cloud.