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Cognitive Systems Testing

Fueling Software Testing with BDD


Behavior-driven development (BDD) is a derivation of test-driven development. This methodology's goal is to focus on the most important test cases and to write these as a narrative. Reformatting test cases into narratives changes the way requirements and code are written. And using narratives brings developers, testers and end-users closer together, since a common language is used. 

A narrative describes exactly what needs to happen within the software to satisfy the user. So software developers and testers identify which code and tests must be build first. Fuel your software testing with BDD by using Zephyr. Zephyr Enterprise Edition has features to create and communicate your requirements and test cases as narratives.

Click on the image to the right and download the FREE whitepaper How Behavior-Driven Development can Fuel Your Software Testing Program. Then read it for more information about Zephyr and BDD.