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Cloud Testing Strategy

Scalability of a Cloud-based Testing Environment


Upgrade your existing in-house testing strategy by tapping into a flexible self-service infrastructure that is hosted in the public cloud. A cloud-based testing environment enables you to test the security, performance, and third-party dependencies of your applications, without being restricted by complex, on-premise testing environments and their associated costs of maintenance and licensing. Zephyr Test Management Platform, accessible from the cloud, enables you to enjoy the benefits of:

  • A remote, on-demand, cloud-based testing solution that scales to match user levels
  • Lowers your total cost by having a more predictable billing! It is everything your agile team needs – test processing, storage, networking – in a matter of minutes, not hours and days

Click on the image on the right to learn more about the Zephyr Test Management Platform and its ability to scale via the cloud.