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Building A Devops Team

Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise


By improving the speed of team collaboration, DevOps can bring significant benefits. However, DevOps can be a challenging as it involves the collaboration of traditionally siloed teams. The difficulty only increases as enterprises try to scale DevOps efforts across projects, teams and departments. This recorded webinar covers continuous testing, CI and CD in DevOps teams.

Continuously review priorities

Team performance stems from their overall priorities. Goals cannot be just set and forgotten, user behaviors are changing continuously and evolving as objectives shift just as often to support new needs. Ignoring emerging trends will likely cause DevOps teams to lag behind, making it much more difficult for the enterprise to catch up. By regularly assessing priorities, DevOps will be able to create a quality apps faster.

Leverage metrics to streamline processes

Application development and testing has a lot of moving components, making it difficult to detect where inefficiencies may lie. Software testing metrics provide insight into status and quality throughout the entire process. This type of insight helps DevOps teams react to change for faster decision making. These statistics also help project teams prioritize future investments and innovate their operations.