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Automation Tools For Testing Software

Fuel Your Agility with Test Automation


Automation will save significant time and money, but only when it’s done correctly, and that means manual testers and engineers need to work together to devise the correct processes, test data, prerequisites and more. And far from eliminating the role of the tester, automating your more repetitive processes will free up testing time!

You obviously need to make sure you’re working with a testing tool which meets the requirements of your QA team. More than that, though, you should opt for a tool that integrates with the rest of the tools used across your organization. Having an integrated set of tools promotes a common mindset and language across the company, helps in unifying your departments, and prevents valuable information from being trapped in disconnected silos.

Zephyr Enterprise Edition is an agile test management tool that offers users the ability to integrate any test automation tool of their choice - homegrown, open source, or proprietary.

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