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Automation Tools For Software Testing

Automate More Testing with Zephyr!


Automation is an important testing tool in your agile arsenal. Using a test-drive development (TDD) methodology, automation makes possible:

  • Improved quality and productivity. Automated test run frequently and fast, allowing testers to focus on high value issues.
  • Response to rapid market change. Early detection and frequent integration of bugs helps developers create defect free code.
  • Fail fast approach. The team is better able to tackle uncertainties the sooner QA gets to see defects.

Zephyr Enterprise Edition provides a ZBot, which is a robust software agent. Developers and testers use Zbots to automate testing. In addition, integration with multiple automated tools is available with Zephyr.

The FREE Zephyr Enterprise Edition: The Testing Platform for Agile Teams whitepaper provides more details on automating more of your testing. Just click on the image to the right to download.