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Automation Software Testing

Automate Your Software Testing with Zephyr!


If you are using agile and have implemented a test-drive development (TDD) methodology, then automation is an important tool in your testing arsenal. Automation makes possible:

  • Fail fast approach. The sooner QA gets to see defects, the better the team is able to tackle uncertainties.
  • Rapid response to market change. Frequent integration and early detection of defects helps developers create defect free code.
  • Improved productivity and quality. Automated test run fast and frequently and allow testers to focus on high value issues.

A robust software agent called a ZBot is provided with Zephyr Enterprise Edition. Zbots are used by developers and testers to automate testing. In addition, Zephyr integrates with various automated tools.

The FREE guide Zephyr Enterprise Edition: The Testing Platform for agile Teams provides additional information on implementing an automation strategy. Just click on the image to the right to download.