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Automated Testing Software Tools

Automate More of Your Testing with Zephyr!


Automating more of your tests is a good idea. In fact, automation may be your top directive from management. But automation is tough and requires that you incorporate it into your constantly changing world of new technologies, agile cycles, unsupported software, and release pressures. And you need the tools to support this challenge.

You may have tried an automation tool in the past, but were disappointed by the results. Many tools fail because they are unable to keep up with the increasing complexity of testing and the sheer number of technologies and systems to test. However, Zephyr's Test Management solution, makes it possible to achieve greater test automation. An integrated platform, Zephyr provides the features, metrics, collaboration and visibility necessary to successfully and repeatedly automate your testing process.

Learn more about the challenges of automation, and the opportunities provided by Zephyr Enterprise Edition by downloading the FREE report on How the World Tests. Just click on the  image to the right.