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Atlassian Test Management

Integrating Test Management with Atlassian Products


As various members of software project teams work on their individual tasks and interact with each other to collaboratively design, develop, test and release high quality software releases, it becomes imperative that the systems they use have deep functionality, consistent data models and integrate well with each other. Data in one system affects actions and analyses in another and seamless data flow between the two is what is needed for teams to keep working at their optimum levels.

In order to keep this flow of data as clean and efficient as possible, you need to make sure your test management tool has tight integrations with Atlassian's suite of products. If you're using JIRA for requirements and defect tracking, Bamboo for continuous integration, or Confluence for improved team collaboration, Zephyr Enterprise Edition is the perfect fit for test management.

See how Zephyr Enterprise Edition integrates with the Atlassian suite of offerings by clicking the image!