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Atlassian Jira Download

Use an Atlassian Jira Download to Super Charge Testing


Atlassian JIRA is a powerful platform in its own right. It's available in the cloud or as an Atlassian JIRA Download you can install on an on-premise server. The benefits of a download are managing your own server and security versus outsourcing to a cloud provider.

When you have JIRA running on-premise, there are many add-ins and plug-ins available that you can use to extend JIRA into become a true Agile testing platform. 

One example of a add-in is Zephyr for JIRA Server which runs on top of JIRA and provides among other new features:

  • Quality metrics tracking
  • Agile test execution tools
  • Test report creation and cloning

Click Learn More to get more information about Zephyr for JIRA Server and how it can help improve your Agile testing activities.