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Atlassian Continuous Integration

Use Zephyr and Bamboo to Power CI


As an integral part of software development, continuous integration is vital to the success of continuous delivery. This brings us full circle to the question of how this can be achieved if software is continually being tweaked. To keep the process as streamlined and efficient as possible, you need to ensure that all of your tools have strong integrations and work well with each other. Once the wheels are set in motion, the goal is to keep them in motion, and well-thought-out automation strategy is what makes this possible.

QA is an integral part of the CI process, and if you are using Bamboo from Atlassian, you need a testing tool that fits well within the Atlassian ecosystem of products. Zephyr Enterprise Edition supports the strongest JIRA integration, but also integrates with Bamboo and Confluence as well.

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