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Application Testing Process

An Agile Evolution of the Testing Process


With the age of the Agile Transformation, traditional waterfall methods of development and testing are a thing of the past. The model in which development teams finish their work before passing it off to QA is too slow to stay competitive in an increasingly agile industry. With other organizations adopting agile and producing better quality products at more rapid rates than before, having QA and development teams work more closely together is essential to keep up with the competition. Thus, to be truly agile, QA and development must start working side by side during each iteration. This way, teams are able to fix bugs earlier in the development process, where it is easier to fix and less costly, and are able to quickly respond to change by immediately iterating their software to adjust.

However, many businesses struggle with the implementation of this new organizational structure. This whitepaper discusses four key areas to keep in mind as you transition your cross-functional teams into a singular, unified one:

  • Create a unified team
  • Metrics and dashboards
  • Effective communication
  • Automation
  • Putting the process in action

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