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Application Lifecycle Development

Requirements, tests, reports, build and release... Are you familiar with this lifecycle? Take it one step further by becoming more Agile


In an Agile environment, the need for cooperation becomes much more relevant, so make Agile easier by getting your QA and developers teams to work closer together.

How can a team develop and test a feature in the same iteration? Doesn’t the feature need to be developed before it can be tested?

If a team looks at a feature as an atomic element that can’t be broken up into smaller parts, then yes, it does. But, most features are not unbreakable stones. Most features can be broken up into smaller pebbles which can be developed and tested independently of the whole.

To look at features and develop them this way requires coordination and communication between the developers and QA analysts. When a new feature is going to be worked on in an iteration, the development team needs to meet with the QA team together to talk about:

  • how the feature is going to be broken up
  • what exactly is going to be tested.

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