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Application Development Process Tools

Complete guide on how to make your Development Process Agile easier and faster


When organizations were writing code using a waterfall approach, they could afford to have a disconnect between development and QA teams, working independently from each other, because they tested everything at the end of the development phase and they had detailed specifications that told software developers and QA analysts exactly how the software was supposed to behave.

To truly operate in an Agile environment, entire organizations need to be Agile. Sure, that is easy to say, but what does that actually mean? It means that organizations need to be able to respond to change quickly and to iterate their software in response to that change.

Additionally, in order to really be Agile, in the true sense of the word and so that organizations can respond to change rapidly, they need to have their QA and development teams working together each iteration... CLICK ON the image on the right to continue reading