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Agile Testing

Improve Your Software Quality with Agile Testing


Agile software development processes have long grown out of their buzzword phase and become necessary assets for many application teams. However, agile adoption can't just stop at one aspect of program creation, it must extend to other functions like testing. No longer are QA professionals pushed to the tail end of a project - they are now involved throughout the app's lifecycle, meaning that they can help make decisions from the very onset. If you want to improve your overall software quality and be able to respond to market change faster, you need to start doing agile testing.

Download our whitepaper on Getting QA and Developers to Work Together to see how agile can take your software quality efforts to new heights!

Topics covered in the whitepaper include:

  • How things work currently
  • How agile changes things
  • How to create a unified team
  • Putting everything into action